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Here in the heart of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, we live in beauty. From this magical place, we bring our Native American style flutes to life with great care and respect, knowing they will give voice to the human spirit.

America's first woodwind was probably a flute. According to legend, the Native American style flute began as a courting flute. Its warm, mysterious sound issued breeze-like from behind trees and cascaded from rock ledges, intertwined with the songs of canyon wrens. It was the first, questioning call of a young man to his beloved.

Today, Native American style flutes style give pleasure to people all over the world. They are beautiful to look at, wonderful to hold, and magical to play.

No special training is needed to produce a beautiful sound. Native American style flutes are as satisfying for beginners as for seasoned musicians.

To play, simply improvise using the flute's natural five-note scale. You may also play tunes you know by ear, or read from tablature, fingering charts, or notation.

The Native American style flute makes music magic.

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Here at the Nighteagle workshop, the music of the mountains is all around us. We also lie within a great circle once inhabited by the ancient ones. Anasazi, Navajo, Ute, and many others hunted in these valleys. All around us, artifacts, petroglyphs, and legends of earlier people bear witness to the importance of the Native American style flute to those who lived here long ago.

What could be more evocative than the mystical, ancient sound of a flute? Flutes have been fashioned and played by people all over the world for tens of thousands of years. Woven into the primeval symphony of animal calls, wind, and thunder, was the magical sound of flutes.

Flutes from thousands, even tens of thousands, of years ago, are now being uncovered. Some, after the long silence, have found their voices again. The instruments themselves - some whole, some broken, some only fragments - are not the only gift we have from those ancient musicians, the flute players. Their legacy, passed down and augmented by multitudes of generations, is the gift of music.

From a world lit only by fire, this marvelous discovery has come to us through the love and labor of a thousand generations, to give voice to the human spirit today.

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