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Please note:
Due to an injury, the production of Nighteagle Flutes is at a temporary halt. The flutes listed for sale online at this time are the whole of our inventory.
Hopefully we'll be back making flutes before long. Thanks for your patience meanwhile.
Add a unique flare to your Nighteagle Native American style flute with a traditional end carving. The addition of a carving to your custom flute may add extra time to your order.

Our available carvings include:

Eagle Carving
The eagle stands for courage, power, and dignity. Many Native Americans see it as a spiritual visionary and bearer of prayers.

Wolf Carving
The wolf stands for leadership. It is a teacher, and very sociable. The wolf draws strength from ritual.

Horse Carving
The horse, introduced to Native Americans by Native Europeans, symbolizes freedom, endurance, and grace. Its strengths are understanding and forgiveness.

Raven Carving
The raven has strong spiritual power and the ability to transform, or move between worlds. Playfulness is a raven characteristic.

Lizard Carving
According to some Native American cultures, Lizard brings dreams and foresight. Symbol of agility and regeneration, Lizard is also keeper of ancient and secret traditions.

Bear Carving
According to Native American Tradition, the bear symbolizes nurture and protection. Bears are dreamers, especially during their long winter sleep. A bear offers protection and is a helpful animal. It manifests both physical and spiritual strength.

Heron Carving
A patient and expert hunter, Heron is self-reliant. Heron's character is adaptable and progressive. According to Native American tradition, Heron is a good omen.

Owl Carving
The mysterious owl is both intuitive and intelligent. People in many cultures believe that the owl wards off evil spirits.

Turtle Carving
The turtle is a grounded animal. It is also protective. Known for perseverance, it is a symbol of long life. Turtle has an important part in the creation stories of some Native American Tribes.

Crow Carving
Crow is traditionally thought to be the guardian of healing ceremonies and is a herald of change. Crow represents courage and is both an explorer and a fierce protector of home.

Drifting: The Prayer Carving